Fall at my feet

There are certain assets I would describe as my “better features” however prior to webcamming and pantyselling I never considered my feet to be one of those better assets. However after many cam shows I have realised just how wild my sexy little feet seem to drive those of you with a foot fetish.

Although I’m a size 5 I have quite narrow feet and slim toes which makes them appear quite dainty. I’m told I have long enough toes to be sexy but not freakishly long, just the right length to wiggle and tease with. It wasn’t until I started webcamming that I used my feet in sexual play despite having a number of sexual partners over the years.

It was after 2 years of webcamming I met someone with a foot fetish who could not get enough of my feet. I had one of my most wild foot experiences giving foot wanks and ending up with my pretty little toes very sticky. Ever since the thought of it drives me wild and I love a foot fetish role play on cam.

I also love foot fetish videos when asked to do custom and of course I have a lot of foot fetish related items in my store for sale. My socks get very wet and sticky from my gym workouts and runs (I’m half marathon training and my long run is at the full distance so after 13 miles they are soaked), and now it is summer look out for the sexy ballet pumps being added to my site, they are always a firm favourite and sell out very quickly.

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