29th April- Happy Birthday to Me!

I am very excited as my birthday falls over the bank holiday weekend and on a Saturday, meaning I am not working and can spend the full day celebrating. And even better I get an extra day off to recover… at the grand old age of 26 I may still party like a rockstar I just am losing the ability to recover like one!

Please bear this in mind if you email me this weekend. I will be checking emails over the weekend but not as regularly as usual. On this occasion I think you will understand I deserve some time off to celebrate, drink wine and eat cake.

I have had a few email message about birthday gifts and spoiling me for my birthday.

My wishlist is here means you can surprise me with a gift,

Birthday Treats

You could send an amazon uk gift voucher to misssmithxxx@gmail.com or you can transfer over some cash so I can buy myself a drink. Although Happy Birthday messages are as gratefully received.

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