What is really your favourite type of underwear?

One of my favourite parts of being a pantyseller is that I get to buy and wear lots of different types of knickers, thongs and lingerie. One day I get to wear a teeny thong, the next pair a full pair of cotton knickers and then the next day might be a lace short.

I do get asked a lot what are my favourites and before I answer I should say being such an underwear addict I genuinely enjoy wearing lots of different styles, fabric and types of underwear. In fact looking back I have always had a huge underwear collection which I think why I stumbled on the idea of pantyselling, I had plenty of what I needed to do the job well, without any real investment. I had already done that!!

But giving an honest answer …. before my pantyselling days and on the very rare occasions that I do not have an order I would probably reach for a thong. Mainly because they are very practical and because I wear tight jeans and gym leggings it means no VPL, so a smooth ass . I usually would choose a cotton one just because they feel so light and the material tends to sit well under clothing, especially leggings or tight dresses. My favourites are Calvin Klein thongs as they fit so well but look hot even being so casual.

Although my preferred style for functional reasons I would say a thong is my favourite and I always go for cotton but if I had a choice of material if I didn’t have to consider wearing clothes it would always be satin; it just feels so good and they always come in such pretty designs!

So there is your answer!

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