How does your ass grow?

Without risking sounding big headed, one of my most complimented features has always been my pert bum. For my very petite frame I have always had a round ass and a bit of something to grab hold of. One of my worries with running distances like I do is that I may totally lose my round bum and instead find myself with a “flat bum”. However mixing it with my gym workouts and weight training it is safe to say the opposite has happened.

Looking back to my early photos to when I started in 2013, my ass which I always considered to be round and firm looks so small and A LOT less toned. It would appear that my regular gym sessions have helped me to achieve a much fuller round ass and I’m sure it has lifted 3 inches to the point you could rest something on it….

So what is my big secret. It is all very boring. A “clean” diet 80% of the time and dedicating time each week to glute workouts like below

Warm up-20 x curtsey lunge with 15kg barbell

15 Weighted sumo front squat (12kg Kbell) and 15 stiff legged deadlift (30kg) x 3

15 barbell hip thrusts x3 (up to 40kg)

Cable Kickbacks 15 per leg x 4 sets

Reverse Abductor press 20 x 3 sets

Finisher- 30 seconds squat box jumps, resistance band squat walk, resistance band squat jumps forward.

As you can see my ass really does get work put into it to make it look good.

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