Come cam with me….

For those of you that have only bought my used panties I also offer live cam shows.

From the comfort of my bedroom you can watch me get as naughty as you like. I offer chats, nudity and toy shows. Not only do I get filthy I can dress up for you in a variety of outfits or sexy underwear sets. I have a massive collection to choose from.

Or you may fancy something a little different. I am brilliant at role play, my reviews verify this. And after 4 years of cam shows I have played lots of different parts from sexy teacher, naughty neighbour or even naughty schoolgirl.

Or would you prefer Miss Smith to be a little (or a lot) stricter with you? I offer online domination sessions, where you can be my sub or have more of a hard core humiliation session. With a full time slave of 3 years I have vast experience of being a cruel and demanding mistress.

My live shows are offered mainly on . If you set up a profile on here and follow the link to my profile here, you can pay via credits (which are purchased via debit card and show discretely on bank statements). This is the easiest and quickest way to cam with me and you get he best rates.

I can also offer Skype shows where you pay me direct. You do however have to pay me via bank transfer and I require payment 30 mins prior to any shows. I also do not give out my Skype address until payment is received and do not arrange these shows via Skype messenger email only.

This week I will be a very busy bee working on cam shows as I will be doing shows Monday, Thursday and Friday. I will be online each morning, afternoon and evening to make sure that I’m available for shows at a variety of times…

If you would like to watch me and do a show with me you can do at my profile on here

Or if you email me to book a show

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