The camera keeps rolling.. Next shooting custom 14th and 15th March

It has been a crazy busy few months pantyselling but also producing custom videos. I really enjoy hearing about your fantasies and bringing them to life filming them. It really does range from sexy role plays, naked teases right along to fetish videos, humiliation and domination. It’s the variety I love.

I do ask when you place an order you let me know how long a video you want. The content of the video, what you want me wearing or anything you want me to say in your video.

I don’t offer fully scripted videos. I’m not an actress; far from it. So I do find it difficult to follow a full script word for word when my real aim is to enjoy myself. However if you have something specific you would like me to say and include I’m more than happy to include certain sentences and phrases just not full blocks of script word for word.

Because of my schedule I can’t film a custom video as soon as you place your order. I have set filming dates usually in the next week or two which I always advise before you place your order. I would say generally you should not have to wait longer than 10 days for a video, unless it is a time when I am going on holiday where you will have to wait a little longer. I do ask however you pay for your order at least 3 days before my next filming dates to secure your filming slot as I find I do get booked up and I only film a set amount of videos on each date to ensure videos are the best possible quality and I can dedicate the time they deserve.

Therefore as I am shooting 14th and 15th March please place your orders for videos before Sat 11th March. However my next date for filming will be 21st March so not too long to wait if you miss this one.

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