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For those of you that have not already noticed and signed up , on the front page of my site you can sign up to my mailing list or Panty Club as I like to call it. This is a TOTALLY FREE SERVICE.

The purpose of my Panty Club is to give subscribers information about any special offers I am running first. I may announce this on social media but I appreciate often these offers are missed if you are not a regular Twitter or Facebook goer or even follow me on there.

I also include when I have had big site updates and added large amounts of new panties and thongs to my site. You do not have to wait for the blog posts to read; you will receive a newsletter before I announce it to anyone else that I have got new pairs on the site ready to buy. So you will never miss out on the new panties again.

And the best part about my Panty Club; EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS. My latest exclusive offer to Panty Club Subscribers includes a 25% discount code on all orders up until 31st April. This code has only been sent to subscribers and can only be used by them. It can also be used as many times as they like on orders placed before 31st April .

I do not send out spam mails constantly. In fact I have only sent out 3 mails since I set up the new site and mailing list in November. So you can be assured I only send out emails that I feel may be of interest to my members. You can also opt out of the email and unsubscribe at any time. Your email also stays private to others as this is an automated email through my site with hidden mailing list. So you only see your own email address and other customers only see their email account.

Therefore if you have not signed up please head over to my home page and enter your details

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