Can you make my panties extra creamy……??

Now this is a question or statement that gets thrown at us panty sellers, A LOT. Now before this sounds like I am insulting my buyers or potential buyers I am not. However I know myself and a number of sellers from Pantytrust find this quite a frustrating demand and request as the request in itself often comes with a lack of understanding of how the female body works.

Like everything with females, nothing is straight forward and discharge varies over the month.

“Creamy panties” do not come from “cumming”. The request of “can you make my panties extra creamy and cum in them lots” is usually met with a bit of an eye roll. Obviously an orgasm will help things along and get everything wetter, however it is the time in the cycle of a female that will alter the appearance of the discharge and make it whiter/ thicker and “creamier” than purely by pleasure.

So please guys make way for a biology lesson.

So to explain why panties get wet in official terms ……

“Excluding the time of a period, there is constant production of vaginal mucus, containing exfoliated endothelial cells (“inner epithelium”) and bacteria, representing normal vaginal microflora. The amount of vaginal discharge depends on the stage of cervical mucus production. It is secreted by the glands, located in the thickness of the cervical mucous lining. This process is regulated by the ratio of progesterone and estrogen levels in the blood. “

It is the levels of hormones that are in charge of the cycle and this covers various stages.

  1. The days following a period are the “driest” of days as there is little oestrogen activity. Mucus creates favourable conditions for sperm cells and because there is very little chance of getting pregnant at this time, the body produces the least amount of “mucus”. This is not to say after masturbation and playing I will not produce wet panties, they will just not be the wettest of the month

  2. After this “dry” time the 3 -4 days following the body produces “white thick discharge as its suitable for fertilisation. This means 7 days prior to my period creamy panties will be pretty much guaranteed.

  3. In another few days, the discharge tends to acquire softer structure – appearing in the form of milky white cream-like mucus. Again this would give the appearance of “creamy panties”

  4. The next stage involves “profuse thin liquid discharge. This therefore means panties will be very wet but less white and “creamy” in their appearance.

  5. The “egg white” stage actually precedes ovulation. This period is marked by nutritive, sticky clear discharge and similar to the preceding two stages it is highly suitable for providing a favorable environment for the encounter of sex cells. Therefore again like stage 4 panties will be at the wettest but colour wise will be clearer and less “creamy” more wet sticky panties.

  6. White discharge before period becomes thicker following the ovum’s emergence from the follicle, in case conception does not take place. Its chemical composition changes under the influence of progesterone, which takes up the dominance in the second half of the cycle. Therefore panties will again be creamy and white in appearance.

Each month my body will change as to how much is produced. No pair of panties is ever the same and although I can guarantee sweet scented wet panties. I can give no indication of just how wet, sticky, white , creamy they will be and no pair will ever be the same. I always say for stronger scents to go for multiple days wear and for extra wetness go for extra masturbation sessions.

Therefore reading the above scientific theory.. It would appear days 7-12 in my cycle increase the change of “creamy” panties and also from day 21-28.

So to answer this question simply, yes. Can I do this on demand like a creamy pantyselling machine… No. I hope this clears up the “creamy panty” question.

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