Form an orderly queue I have restocked my store

As promised my panty store now boasts even more used panties for you to choose from. I've listened to your requests, I've looked at what have been best sellers in the past and I have added lots of new pairs which I am sure you are going to love. Satin of course is always a very popular choice and I've added 5 new pairs with another few pairs yet to be added.

I have also found over the last 4 years that although you can't get enough of my used underwear, cotton pairs of panties and thongs are also very popular. So you will find lots of new staple pairs in black and white, but with the start of spring edging nearer I have added a number of colourful and pastel pairs.

And talking about queues, my current "queue" or wait is around 7 days from ordering. I had an extremely busy December and January where at one point this queue was at around 3 weeks but after a quieter February I've managed to reduce the wait. When ordering from me I can give you an idea of how long my wait is but until you have paid for your order I can not guarantee you a specific date. Therefore I suggest you give at least a weeks notice if you have a specific date in mind as it is likely I will have orders booked into my diary. I open my diary up on a first come first served basis to ensure your wait is as small as possible however once you have paid and have a date in mind you can reserve that date. I allow dates to be booked into my diary 12 weeks in advance.

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