Out with the old……

I’ve added more panties to my clearance section , meaning more bargains to be had. But as the case has been in the past , this section of the site only has a very limited selection and these pairs of panties get sold VERY quickly. On the last update the 7 pairs added were sold within a week.

So what's "wrong" with the clearance pairs ?

The answer is absolutely nothing. You get the same deal included as my standard panties, the only difference is these are slightly older pairs of panties or thongs, as a result they are more well worn and have been on my site a little longer. You can be assured no part of my service is compromised and you are still getting the high quality I pride myself on.

Panties found in this section are priced at £14 for 24 hours wear and include 4 photos and UK delivery. Once these have been sold it is unlikely that I will add to this section again until the start of summer as I have bought so many “new” panties I need a chance to wear in all of my new pairs.

So check out the clearance section to grab a bargain.

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