Restock… new panties coming soon!

You guys have cleared my panty drawers out recently! I think since Christmas I have worn a different pair of panties every single day. As a pantyseller one of the benefits is I have an excuse to wear a different style or colour each day and buy lots of different pairs but I totally underestimated just how many pairs I needed.

I check my stock every week on my website and keep everything updated, but it was not until the start of this week when I checked I realised just how few pairs I had left to buy. All of my black pairs; both thongs and panties had gone. My white lace thongs had all gone as had all my white cotton panties; you just can’t get enough of them .

And as expected my satin panties are a real hit as always and I think all pairs sold within 4 weeks of being listed.

I think my new look site in particular the pantystore with online checkout and payment makes it so much easier for you guys to get your hands on and order my panties. I’m blaming that for the reason my panties have flown out of my drawers over the last few months. It has made the admin side of pantyselling much more efficient for me meaning I can spend more time making sexy scented panties for all you panty lovers.

So the good news is the store will be restocked ready for the end of February. Look out for all my new panties which will be listed on 27th February. Many of the panties are one off’s therefore if you see something you like I would advise to order as I don’t use have multiple pairs of certain panties…

Enjoy browsing I certainly will enjoy shopping !!

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