Flash Sale.. All Panties £14

I promised when I changed my prices that I would still include some amazing offers... and I intend on keeping that promise.

From 17th -24th February I will be having a flash sale on my site. all panties will be £14 worn 24 hours rather than my usual selling price of £20. This includes worn 24 hours, masturbated in and worked out in if you would like. It also includes 4 free photos of me wearing and UK delivery (add £5 for outside of the UK)

This offer is a real treat and what makes it more of a treat is that you can pre order as many pairs as you like for this price. The only condition is that you must pay for these orders on or before 24th Feb. I will be opening my diary up until 31st May to book in orders so you can choose dates well in advance.

Check out my pantystore to see what sexy pairs you can have me wearing

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