Valentines Treats

Being single this year, I certainly do not intend on celebrating Valentines Day. (Pancake day is a different matter, but thats for another post!) However I am treating my panty lovers to an amazing Valentine's offer running until 15th Feb. I won't be spending Valentines Day alone do not worry. My best friends birthday is also on Valentines Day so I will be enjoying a meal with the girls; although probably surrounded by couples!

However I have had a number of emails and messages asking if I have a wishlist and a lot of hints have been dropped asking what type of things I like to be spoilt with. I do have an amazon uk wishlist, although the problem with amazon is that I already buy A LOT of items on there because amazon uk gift cards are one of my preferred payment methods.

So my actual WISHLIST can be found on Delivery Code. See it here

There is quite a variety of items on there, as expected gym wear features heavily as does alcohol!

And right at the top of my wishlist A DOXY WAND...... who says I need a man on Valentines Day, or for a while if I get my hands on one of these :)

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