Lauren’s (not so much of a) Secret….

I’m addicted to buying new underwear, just as much as you panty lovers are addicted to my used panties. Part of the fun of being a pantyseller is that I get to go on shopping trips every month or so to stock up on new ones.

I love Victoria Secret panties and underwear. I’m always browsing the website but always seem to talk myself out of buying because I’ve racked up over £100 worth of items in my basket, or I don’t want to pay the large delivery charge.

Without giving too much away, one of my recent orders involved purchasing and wearing a few pairs of Victoria Secret panties so I decided to throw in a few pairs of new panties for myself… a few pairs turned into 7 new pairs.

So coming soon to my site you will find some satin, lace and cotton Victoria Secret panties. Of course VS panties are no ordinary pair of knickers; they come with a slightly higher price tag due to the amazing quality and they fit just so well. Therefore you will find them in my premium section in my panty store when I do decide to sell them which means they start at £25 for 24 hours wear.

I will be having another shopping spree shortly to add to my collection as my full knickers and satin offerings have become limited due to high demand so look out for my update……

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