New Prices, but New CLEARANCE items

In my last blog post I mentioned that fro 1st Febraury 2017 my prices will be changing from £15 per 24 hours wear to £20... this is a standard price and when you now browse my website you will see these price changes.

However, when you browse my site you will also notice new pairs of panties added to my site in the CLEARANCE ITEMS. As I sit here writing this blog there are 7 pairs added which instead of being £20 per pair worn 24 hours, with 3 photos and UK delivery.. they are a bargain £14 per pair. However as with previous these pairs do not stay on my site very long therefore if you want a bargain do not hesitate to buy as I do not have multiple pairs of these items and I can't say when I will be next adding new pairs to this section.

So what's "wrong" with the clearance pairs ?

The answer is absolutely nothing. You get the same deal included as my standard panties, the only difference is these are slightly older pairs of panties or thongs, as a result they are more well worn and have been on my site a little longer. You can be assured no part of my service is compromised and you are still getting the high quality I pride myself on.

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