The last ever 2 for £20 offer

January traditionally is the month for changes and there are some changes coming to my site... but the good new is not just yet. I'm instead going to start the year with the most popular and firm favourite offer the 2 pairs of panties for £20 offer.

Providing you pay for this offer before 31st Jan you can order this AS MANY times as you like for orders up until 31st March. I'm opening up my diary for you to book dates in advance to qualify for this absolute bargain!

As I mentioned changes are coming to my site and that will include prices. My prices have been the same since 2013 when I started and after 4 years and time moves on in the panty selling world it is time to slightly change my prices. This means the 2 for £20 offer will be even more of a bargain and as its the last time I offer this one you absolutely can not miss out on.

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