Why do you not charge extra for worked out in panties?

Like the majority of people in January one of my “resolutions” is to get fitter and back to the gym. However unlike the majority for me this is something that I will stick to. 2016 was the year I really got into a real routine exercise wise and training wise and I made massive progress in terms of getting fitter and seeing real results. My ass grew firmer and rounder, abs appeared and I generally looked a lot more toned. I also competed in 3 half marathons, 4 10K races and more 5K’s than I can count. Achieving decent running club standard times.

It didn’t however appear overnight and without effort. Lots of 6am starts in the gym, setting my alarm to go out for runs and running along the cold north east coastline in hail and rain for 10+ miles. I spent a lot of 2016 aching and feeling like I had been kicked all over, but it’s another feeling I need to get used to in 2017 as I want to achieve even more.

I’m active everyday… above average even on rest days and as a minimum I walk about 14,000 steps on my “days off”. I do however set out that I train and workout 5 days per week. This is really the majority of the week where I go to the gym 4 days per week (or do this workout at home) and run 3 times per week (some days I do 2 sessions).

Because of this, I feel it would be unfair to charge as an extra for workout panties, because it is something that I do anyway. Customers who order “standard” 24 hour worn panties would be very likely getting workout panties too and not paying for this as an extra. Therefore all I ask is that you request “workout panties” and I can fit this around my training schedule I set. For example if you particularly want me to wear your panties when I do leg day, my long 10+ mile run, a HIIT session etc please say so and I can wear accordingly.

Workout panties are a really popular extra as there is definitely more of a scent when they have been worn to exercise in then when not. I think the most noticeable difference is the smell towards the back of the panty and aroma. However I do feel because of the movements I make, especially when concentrating on working out the lower body, the panties pull tighter and the panties get noticeably wetter.

I hope this explains why I don’t charge and for all of you that have set your resolution of getting fitter, good luck you can do it, and stick with it! The hardest days are the days you are making the most progress!

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