Happy New Year!

Firstly I have to wish all of my fans and blog readers a Happy New Year and for all of you that celebrated Christmas I hope that it was a good one.

I have had a fantastic Christmas and time off to relax . I think this is just what I needed; physically I feel like I have caught up on sleep and my body didn’t feel tired and mentally I feel I have had enough of a break to recover and rest and I feel more energised and focused ready to make 2017 a great one. Not only great but naughty!! I have had lots of time to think about new clip ideas, ideas for cam shows and for you panty lovers some amazing offers.

The only downside to the massive break and change in habits is that my fitness levels have suffered greatly and my clothes are feeling a little tight. (This could be the fact I consumed my body weight in chocolate, cheese and gin!). Not sure if it’s a bad thing but my already round ass feels like it has grown so expect a rounder ass for the next few weeks until I get myself back on track into my fitness regime. So as you can guess I will be back in the gym and running to keep everything nice and tight.

So keep checking back as I am due to launch my January offer on 9th Jan. It’s going to be a good one without giving too much away.

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