Toasty but Stinky Slippers

I knew you guys loved my sexy little feet but I did not realise just HOW much you all love my feet, and from the reception the stinkier and dirtier the better.

My C4S foot fetish videos have been flying off the shelves as have my worn socks and footwear and I have had countless emails asking for more of my footwear to be available.

Well the good news is that I have added two of the most trashed pairs of footwear I own which REALLY have the scent of my feet. MY WORN SLIPPERS

I slip either pair of these on the moment I get back in the house and I often go to bed wearing my slippers so as you can imagine my feet get very hot and sweaty and well these slippers are well scented shall we say.

These are £20 per pair and you can find them in my store pages now. I'm sure they will not be around long so please order if you want to sniff just how sweaty these are.

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