Home from holidays and frisky over the festive season

Good news guys I am back from my holiday. A little break away relaxing has done wonders. I had a lovely time with my family and relaxing. It was not a holiday in warmer climes unfortunately, but even though it was FREEZING I had a very relaxing albeit active time in a lodge in the forest.

Time off from work, emails and everyday routine was just what I needed and I have returned home feeling more energetic than ever. And more energetic always means a lot more frisky .. so you can be assured that the panties, photos and video orders in the lead up to Christmas are going to be the wettest and naughtiest I can deliver.

Sharing a room with one of my friends meant that I did not get to relieve my tensions and sexual frustrations as often as I normally would; and I usually would do this 3-4 times a day... I had to use my shower times wisely (and fingers) so on my return home the wand came out and I pretty much exploded all over my bed. So this is good news for everyone with panty orders and cam sessions planned this week, I am gagging for it!

If that isn't an incentive to get booking shows and panties with me I'm not sure what is.... enjoy guys I certainly will!

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