Winter holidays…..

I’m going away from 28th Nov- 4th December for a little break with my family. Because of where I am going I will be unable to go to the post office every day, so I was going to take a little break from panty selling. But I have a bit of an issue with this… I’m not used to doing panty laundry, especially not 7 days worth as you naughty panty lovers usually take my knickers off my hands and save me from this chore.

So when I return I am going to have one big bundle of panties to put into the washing machine… or do they have to go into the washing machine. Think of this as an early Christmas present for one panty lover 7 days worth of my sexy used knickers to do as you please with.

This is obviously only available to one panty lover.. and the best bit about this is I’m only going to charge £50 FOR 7 pairs of panties….. this is only £7 a pair of panties A TOTAL bargain. And to keep everything fresh I will take off each days panties and place them in a sealed airtight packaging bag.

To get your hands on this amazing one off offer please email me

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