A massive thank you

My site went live only two days ago and I really can’t believe how many emails and twitter messages I have had saying how much all you panty boys love my new site…. Of course I really loved my site but as with any chance there is always a slightly nervous feeling about how this will go down. And well this change has certainly been for the better, so thank you to all you lovely people that have taken the time to write me a message or email.

I really do appreciate it as a lot of hard work has gone into making sure the site looks good, but also is very easy to use for buying delicious panties. Not only did a lot of work go into the design side of the website there has been A LOT of work going into the more technical side of developing the website and ensuring everything behind the scenes has been set up correctly.

You can still email me to buy panties however you can now buy directly from my site and place your order. The payment system is an offline system where you will have to manually pay using my two usual payment methods. However the online check out process will guide you through this and give you the correct details to order and pay. Once you have ordered and paid I am sent an automated email which lets me know your order and I will be in contact to agree when I wear and send out to you.

To celebrate my website going live I am offering a 20% discount on all items on the site (panties, physical goods and pre recorded videos). This discount applies until Sunday 20th Nov therefore do not miss out and please get in touch.

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