Welcome to the new look site

I did promise some changes to my site, so a promised here they are. After listening to the feedback of my buyers and using my creative sparkle I have worked (very) hard to produce a site which I feel is more suited to my personality and is easier to navigate.

I created my old site over 3 years ago when I started out pantyselling. It has served me well however because I was in a rush to get started I feel I did not give as much thought to the design of the site and often "just added something extra quickly". As a result pages started to look crowded and not all information was always updated.

My new site has new photos, an easier to navigate layout and more interactive features. You can sign up to my special offers so you do not miss out on flash sales. The site now also includes booking and order forms, meaning it is easier to get your hands on my sexy little goods and services.

The only bad news is, unfortunately I have had to say goodbye to my old blog and posts. But that does mean I will be posting regularly to ensure my blog keeps you up to date with everything going on in the world of Miss Smith x x x

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