It's in my nature to be dominant. I love the feeling of taking a submissive and controlling the decisions they make and what they do; and at times pushing them to their limits. I'm original in my approach, I treat no two people serving me the same and am aware that all submissives have very different limits and expectations.  I offer online sessions, ranging from cam shows, video tasks to full lifestyle control.

You can receive this service alongside your orders of used panties or independent to this. 

My services for submissives are ONLINE only however I worked with a number of pro dommes in real time sessions which have taken a variety of approaches. After 4 years of experience, working with a large number of submissives I would say I am very experienced when it comes to online domination and it's something I really personally enjoy.

I cater for a number of kinks and fetishes which include:

  • Sissyfication

  • Foot fetish

  • Panty fetish/ Nylon Fetish

  • Cuckold

  • Humiliation

  • Watersports

  • Spit

  • Cock and ball torture

  • Edging, chastity and orgasm control

  • Small Penis Humiliation

  • Financial domination


If your kink is not listed; the list is not exhausted and I have not included everything I cater for so please get in touch. 

If you would like to worship me, have tasks set by me or are looking for longer term ownership then please do get in touch and complete a submissive application form. This is a set of questions so I can find out your kinks, expectations, experience and limits as a submissive. The only question you need to ask yourself is, can I give a hot mistress everything she needs.

Click here to be emailed a submissive application form >>

I cater for domination and financial domination. However please be aware that for all types of service I do ask for an INITIAL TRIBUTE from ALL SUBMISSIVES wanting to serve and work with me. Due to the number of applications and timewasters this is the only way I can focus on those truly committed to serving me. 



I just love to be SPOILED. It's become a way of life for a hot goddess like myself. The feeling of excitement when I see something new and expensive is indescribable and such a buzz. Are you ready for your wallet to be abused or do you want to show me your appreciation for providing such an amazing service. Either way you can find all of the different ways you can spoil me below. Enjoy I know I will! 

Cash Tributes.. 

My favourite of all gifts; cold hard cash put into my bank account to spend how I like. Maybe you would like to buy your goddess a drink, or a round of drinks for the girls. Or take on one of my bills.

Wishlist gifts.. 

You can spoil me with gifts from my wishlists. Ranging from sexy outfits, expensive bags & watches, workout clothing and naughty toys. Put a smile on my face with a gift or two.

Amazon uk .. 

You can spoil me with an voucher, the bigger the value of the voucher the better. I buy lots of my fitness gear and sex toys from Amazon so it always put a smile on my face.Vouchers to be sent to