To reward my regular buyers and more frequent panty buyers I am now offering discount packages and longer subscriptions where you can get regular deliveries of my used panties at a discount price by purchasing up front.

Please read the details of each of the packages below, select the package that suits your needs, follow the payment instructions and once you have paid I will be in touch to confirm your subscription and arrange the panties I will be wearing for you and when. There is a FAQ section at the bottom of this page to help with any questions you may have. If you have further questions not answered here please contact me

Monthly Packages

3 Months + Packages

Package and Subscription FAQs


What panties can I choose? 

You can choose all standard £20 panties from my store. I generally add new pairs to my store every 6-8 weeks so there are always new choices in a variety of colours, styles and materials. The package you choose will depend on when your panties need to be chosen- please read below

Do the usual free extras still apply? 

Yes all of my usual free extras apply to panty packages.

This means you get 24 hours wear included, masturbated in once and 3 photos of me wearing each pair. UK first class delivery is included free of charge  +£5 per pair for outside of the UK (or +£8 per pair recorded) and UK Collect plus store pick up.

Please note if you are ordering outside of the UK or for collect plus you will need to add on the postage charge if you would like to receive multiple deliveries. If not your order will be received as ONE delivery with multiple pairs inside)

Can I add extras? 

Yes you can add extras, please contact me via email to arrange these, or include your requests in the notes section at the checkout.

My extra prices per pair are

+£10 per extra 24 hours wear, up to 5 days wear

+£5 per extra masturbation

+£5 pussy stuffed

+£5 pee dripped or drenched

+£5 ass scented or stained

+£5 gift wrapped and a handwritten note

Extras will need to be agreed in advance for monthly packages and with at least 2 weeks notice for extra days wear

How does payment work?

Payment must be made in full within 24 hours of placing an order for a discount package or subscription. I can't accept part payment 

Payment is by bank transfer or amazon uk gift card only.

What happens if I no longer want to subscribe , can I get a refund?

No, unfortunately I can't offer a refund or cancel a package or subscription part of the way through the agreed subscription. 

Can I book certain dates for you to wear and send? 

Yes, please see the details of each of the packages and subscriptions to see when wearing dates will be agreed.

Monthly Packages

When signing up for a monthly subscription please select ALL of the panties you would like me to wear as part of your package from the store on my site.

Note the product codes and let me know if you would like me to post out individually or in one parcel (either is fine). 

For monthly packages all of the dates I wear and send will be agreed at the time of purchase so I can book these dates in my diary immediately.


Please contact me for a quote if you would like to buy packages that include more than 4 pairs of panties in one month

3 Months+ Subscriptions

When signing up for a 3 months + subscription, please select the pair of panties you want me to wear as your first pair from the store on my site.  

Note the product code and let me know and we can agree the first date I wear and send.

You can select all or some of the panties from my store from the onset or you can just select the pair of panties you would like me to wear on a monthly basis (with at least two weeks notice, meaning you can choose new pairs that get added to my site.

You can book the dates  you would like me to wear (diary dependent) upfront for the duration of your subscription or we can arrange this each month (with at least 2 weeks notice. 

Please contact me for a quote if you would like to buy packages that include more than 3 pairs of panties per month for a 3 month + subscription