I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Sexting, dirty whatsapp and Kik messaging service.

As I have mentioned more than a few times my work schedule has been pretty hectic. As a result I am having a break from all cam shows and adultwork phone chat for 2 months or so. However I am still offering my dirty sexting and text chat service. I work from home quite a lot therefore it means I can offer this both on an evening and during the day. So what do I offer? Do you want to wake up to naughty messages, brighten up your commute with a filthy photo or get a cheeky video clip sent to you whilst at your desk. Or would you prefer a kinky phone chat or voicemail left for you? I can do this. I offer text, photo messages and video clips via a variety of messaging services including SMS, Wh

March Used Panties Special Offer- 1 week left

The firm favourite special offer of panty lovers has one week left, therefore if you have not placed an order yet do not miss out. My MARCH32 discount code gives 2 pairs of used panties for £32 instead of my usual price of £40 for 2 pairs. This means you can pick up 2 pairs of my used panties for only £16 per pair. This is a great way to save £8 but also a very smart way to buy longer wear used panties as you can add on extra days wear and other extras to this offer. And even better you do not have to receive both pairs of panties at once! Pairs To Buy All of my panties are included in this deal (excluding premium range, although you can receive and £8 discount off two pairs of these meanin

Misssmithxxx Custom Video and Photo Update

Due to a crazy busy real life work schedule since summer 2018 I have not offered custom videos and photos. I did say that I would be offering these again and I have had many many emails asking when I can next offer these. I did say towards spring however due to some work changes new job!) I will be putting these plans on hold for the foreseeable future. I’m a perfectionist and for me when producing custom videos quality is key. I spend a lot of time preparing for each custom, use high quality sound and video equipment and put a lot of effort into the editing and uploading each custom video. Those of you that have ordered from me in the past will know that even when I was taking custom video

Buying Worn Tights and Stockings- New Tights and Stockings Added

Spring is almost here, which should (hopefully) see temperatures ready to rise! This is great news for those with a love for smelly worn tights and stockings. Meaning my feet will be getting warmer, sweatier and more scented. The scent of tights during the winter months is naturally not quite as strong as the summer months. Because of the colder climate in the UK my feet just don’t sweat quite as much as they would over the warmer summer months. So a pair of tights or stockings worn 1 day during the winter would not be as aromatic as a pair worn 24 hours from the summer months. This will mean that even after 24 hours of wear my feet in the Spring and summer time give off a greater scent when

Worn Trashed Shoes- even more of them now Spring is almost here

With Spring approaching this is great news for those with a foot fetish and who loved trashed shoes. My feet are getting smellier again and the trashed shoes I have created from late summer and autumn and winter have been listed on my site. I currently have added 6 pairs meaning there are 15 pairs of shoes available. Over the winter time I tend to wear boots more than shoes. But I do wear closed toe shoes only in winter. Meaning that these shoes do not circulate air around my toes and keep in the scent of my feet sweating. I am very active in my day to day life. I walk far, I run far and I am up on my feet a lot. On a “rest day” or more sedentary day for me I find I still rack up 12,000 to

Buying Used Panties- “creaminess” and the colour of discharge

One of my post popular blog posts regarding my used panties has been “Can you make my panties extra creamy……??” . The desired state for a lot of buyers of used panties is a crotch full of white or creamy coloured sticky nectar. This is something I try and offer and I will always advise on when is the best time to buy for those more visual of buyers. The “creamy” appearance though is not achieve through orgasm. Like my previous blog explains this is not something I can fully guarantee and control, as most buyers of used panties will know. The amount of discharge and colour will vary between EVERY pair of used panties. Even for the same seller. The female body is an amazing wonder and due to h

Exclusive Discounts on Used Panties for Site Members

It is completely free to sign up as a SITE MEMBER on my website. This is an exclusive area where you can create a log in on my site to keep track of the orders you place with me, save your address for one click orders. The biggest advantage is that you get access to exclusive site member only discount codes. Currently I have 4 site member only codes running. What is the difference between a site member and site subscriber? As a site subscriber (where you enter your email address at the bottom of the home page to sign up), you are effectively signing up to my email list. This means that you will receive emails notifying you of time bound special offers, updates to my site and be the first

Places online to sell used panties : Fetlife

I have been selling my used panties for over six years now. In that time I have joined a number of social media platforms specifically to sell used panties on and a number of other panty or fetish related platforms. Fetlife is specifically positioned as being a “kinkster social network” however in terms of used pantyselling I don’t feel it has been as effective or successful for me as the likes of Twitter and Pantytrust although it does have its benefits. What is it all about? Fetlife is decribed as “FetLife is the Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky Community. Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me.” It allows you to set up a profile in the same way you would do on a va

March Used Panties Special Offer

It’s been a while since I offered a month long special offer and the glimpse of spring weather that we experienced this week in the UK has put me in a great mood. As a result I am going to treat my used panty lovers to the most popular special offer. This will be my 2 pairs of used panties for £32 instead of my usual price of £40 for 2 pairs. With the £8 saving this means you can buy my used panties for £16 per pair instead of £20 per pair for 24 hours wear. You can add on extras with this special offer which means this is a brilliant way to reduce the price on longer wear orders. Pairs Included . All of my panties are included in this deal (excluding premium range, although you can receive

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