I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Watersports and Buying Pee Online

I touched upon this subject previously but the topic of watersports, golden showers and pee comes up very regularly when I am asked for panty, custom video and even fetish purchase requests. In fact the pee category of my Clips4sale video clipstore is by far the most popular, when it comes to purchased clips. To the more vanilla tastes the pee fetish can be quite “shocking” and it’s often met with a bit of disgust or raised eyebrows and a massive no way. However for others it is a massive turn on and something that they really enjoy. In fact after six years within the adult industry I have actually came to the conclusion the pee fetish is a lot more common and popular then most would probab

Wanting to Make Money Fast? By Selling Used Panties?

I’ve mentioned in countless blog posts and interviews with Metro newspaper and Vice magazine about how lucrative selling used panties actually is. Or as the truth goes not so lucrative, especially when starting out as a used panty seller. I get so many disheartened new sellers asking for advice and how to encourage potential buyers. The reality is selling used panties, and becoming “popular” and in demand takes time. It is only now after 6 years of hard work and selling that I do have a queue. But that is not to say that I do not go through quieter times. The used panty market is so unpredictable in nature. I can go through a week with only a handful of enquiries and then I can open my emai

Selling Used Panties… And Volunteering

On many of my social media channels I have described myself as a “used panties advocate”. After six years of selling I just am passionate about all things used panties as I love selling them so much. I am actively involved with writing about used panties as a blogger and also as part of the Pantytrust community I share ideas with other verified and trusted sellers. However since the start of 2019 I decided to accept the offer of “Pantytrust volunteer” What does this mean for selling used panties? Absolutely nothing from the perspective of selling used panties. For my customers new and old there will be no difference to the services that I offer. However for myself I feel this is a way of gi

Love is in the air and in my used panties

I have taken order dates for my Valentines Day used panties and those lucky panty lovers who ordered panties as their Valentine’s treat should have received by now. Along with a little card just as a little extra and to spice up Valentines Day. It has been mentioned in a number of email conversations recently but it may come as a surprise, however I am not expecting any Valentine’s Day cards or presents myself. I usually keep my personal life personal but since so many people have asked I am currently single therefore Valentines Day isn’t a day I will be feeling the love, just with my friends as we are meeting up for drinks later. Don’t feel too sad for me, it’s a personal choice which I am

New used panties, First restock of 2019

I’m guessing from the amount of sales of the last 6 weeks, my panty lovers are getting over their January blues by indulging their used panty fetish! Combined with my January used panty sale I have found that the contents of my panty drawers have started to dwindle and of course that meant going panty shopping! I am pleased to announce that my used panty store on my website has lots of new additions after being restocked. In fact I have added 35 new pairs in total. What can you expect? As always I have a massive choice of panties added to my site. Not only have I added a lot quantity wise I have ensured a massive amount of variety too. Lots of satin, lace, cotton and nylon. But a variety of

Exclusive Used Panty Discount Emails- Site Subscriber

For those who want to be first to hear about my special offers, or an exclusive sneak peak of new pairs of panties when I restock my site, the best way to do this is become a SITE SUBSCRIBER. You will receive email notifications informing you of these special offers and restocks, prior to me announcing on social media and other panty selling platforms. Signing up takes only 30 seconds and is completely FREE. You can join or remove yourself very easily from this list. As a site subscriber you will not be sent constant messages and emails. Spamming my followers is not my style. In honesty, I probably only send out an email ever 4-6 weeks to my subscribers. These emails are only used when I

How to buy used panties : Choosing a pantyseller

Buying used panties relies on a massive amount of trust between buyer and seller. Basically it means sending money to a stranger online for something deemed a little taboo. It’s hardly a vanilla purchase and for many wishing to explore their fetish, they will have heard or experienced horror stories about being ripped off. However for every bad experience there are 10’s of genuine fantastic sellers of used panties which is why choosing the right seller is essential Reliability This is paramount to how buying and selling works. After all there is a trust element of a pantyseller delivering the buyer what they say they will once payment has been made. You basically want to buy from someone who

My favourite used panties of 2019

We are one month into 2019 and all of my panty lovers have started the new year going wild for my used panties. I expected a queue after having two weeks off over Christmas, however I came back from my break to a massive request of orders. I have been booked up solid for all of January and the demand does not seem to be getting any less . I am certainly not complaining as I have loved wearing so many pretty pairs of panties this month. It has been hard to choose but these are my top 5 pairs of used panties this month. 1. Blue Satin Full Knickers Bright and super soft, this pair really do cling to my curves. You can see from how they shine in the light how smooth and silky this pair of satin

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