I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

My New Year Celebrations 2018

It’s been a fantastic 2018 and it has been an absolute pleasure to meet so many new panty buyers in 2018. But also my regular and loyal panty buyers that have been with me in 2018 I would just like to say I value each and every one of you. As I mentioned in a previous post I think I have got through around 300 pairs of used panties this year! WOW that must be a record and I think if I keep pantyselling I may actually make it into the record books for the woman who has owned the most pairs of panties in her life time. I genuinely think I have now owned over 1000 pairs in the last few years alone! But I am really enjoying a little break over the Christmas and New Year period. “Real life” work

My 10 favourite used panties of 2018

Checking my diary I think I have calculated that I have probably worn in the region of 300+ pairs of used panties this year!! I truly am shocked as I knew I had worn a lot of pairs, just maybe not that many pairs!! With wearing so many pairs means I have got to experience wearing some really gorgeous pairs of knickers and thongs and some I have not want to send to their new homes. It has been really hard to get this list down to just 10 but these have been my 10 favourite pairs of the year to wear. 1. Pink Cotton Hearts This pair from January really were so cute. Full knickers I like but I never usually find plain cotton ones are in my list of favourites. But the fun but sexy pattern really

Merry Christmas 2018 from Misssmithxxx

And that’s a wrap for 2018…. Well almost! Christmas is almost upon us and I just want to wish all of my lovely followers a Merry Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve and that means I am fully embracing all things Christmas. I am really looking forward to taking a break from work, running and gym training. I intend to spend time with my family; my nieces and nephews, visit friends and eat my body weight in Quality Streets and cheese!! I intend to take a full break over Christmas (with the exception of posting out 2 items only!!) and from the evening of Saturday 22nd December I will be “out of office” and in holiday mode until Thursday 3rd Jan. I will be visiting friends and family over Christmas a

Advert Offers and What’s Coming Next??

My Used Panty Advent Calendar has been a massive success so far in 2018 and my panty lovers are thoroughly enjoying the daily sweet treats and offers. Each offer is posted early in the day on my Twitter profile @ misssmithxxx Each offer is only valid until midnight on the day that it is posted therefore if you see an offer you want to take advantage of get in touch straight away or do so on my site so you do not miss out. Today you will find my most generous offer of 2018.. in fact I have not offered panties at this price since 2016! £10 on all used panties. Do not miss out on this one as it may be years until I repeat this again. As a round up so far we have opened the following offers: 1st

Worked out in and Gym Worn Used Panties.. Even in December

December is a month of indulgence and of course I have already been doing that! A lot in fact and it’s not even Christmas yet. However I would describe myself as a fitness addict and working out, running and going to the gym is part of my life routine. Even in December. Meaning that you can still be assured my used panties have been worked out in. I’m not giving up on my fitness routine just because it’s December (and I may have a hangover!) I love to workout and keep fit. I run 3-4 times a week and visit the gym for training sessions and weights 3-4 times a week (I do 8 sessions over 5 days) so as you can imagine I push myself physically. I offer worked out in as standard as part of my used

Pantytrust- the best platform to buy and sell used panties

In the last few weeks I have been contacted frequently by lots of new sellers asking for advice about how to sell their used panties but also new buyers asking to buy used panties from a “genuine seller”. I always recommend and refer back to the Pantytrust site for buyers and sellers and really do believe it is the best pantyseller platform online to buy and sell from. Benefits to Sellers Access to a massive network of used panty buyers Because the Pantytrust site lists independent verified panty sellers with reliable and positive reputations this attracts REAL panty buyers who are willing to spend and buy used panties. Because of its established reputation in the used panty fetish network P

Christmas Treat List 2018

Every year I get asked what I would like for Christmas by my panty lovers and cam show regulars (you know who you are) who refuse to accept the “oh nothing” line. From all of my blog posts and posts on social media I would hope it is clear that I LOVE SELLING USED PANTIES AND OFFERING CAM SHOWS. I genuinely do this because I enjoy it, not solely for money, gifts or treats. But receiving gifts and treats is nice and I am truly appreciative of all of the gifts and thank you presents that I have received over the years. This why I have various gift and wish lists set up because I know that there are many who do love to give and do it because they want to. Therefore if you are wanting to treat

My Favourite Full Used Panties

I love wearing a variety of different styles of underwear as a panty seller. However one of the most popular styles for full panties has been and I feel always will be is full knickers. They are also a very popular style to wear so as you can imagine the choice when I go shopping is huge. This is why I have been able to wear full knickers in pretty much every colour, pattern and material. The following pairs though have been some of my favourites to wear most recently. 1. Black Satin and Lace Satin AND lace means a truly stunning pair of panties. The front and sides of this pair are made from soft silky satin and the back of the panties are a very delicate soft lace design. These really are

New Used Panty Sellers

Contact with New Sellers I do get contacted frequently from new sellers asking advice, and depending on the level of detail I do sometimes answer and point new sellers in the right direction. I always would direct new sellers to Pantytrust. This is a fantastic community and the resources available means new sellers can ask questions within the community and get answers from What I do not do is act as a “mentor” as flattering as this offer is. I also do not list down EVERYTHING I do and how to do it. I was a new seller once, and although it is overwhelming once you research yourself, you find that you understand what the used panty buyer wants and how to sell to them. It just comes across a l

Christmas Posting Dates 2018 for Used Panties

It’s time to use the C word, and that means that with Christmas comes an increase in items being posted. As a result you may find that although I send items first class within the UK, your delivery may take a little longer to arrive. This is certainly the case for international deliveries and as a result there are last Christmas posting dates which Royal Mail and Collect Plus state, which are a cut off if you want your item to arrive before Christmas. When I post out your items, I use Royal Mail as standard both for UK and international postage. International postage is a little less consistent in the timescales depending on the country or where you live in a particular country. However in t

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