I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Used Panties Advent Calendar 2018

December is almost here and I love to spoil my panty lovers. Following the success of the 2017 Used Panty Advent Calendar I will be running this again in 2018 in the lead up to Christmas. This means that every day in December I will be opening the door of my advent calendar and offering a discount or special treat. This treat or deal will be only valid for that particular day only. This year I won’t be using my blog to announce the special offer each day. I will only be announcing this on my Twitter page @misssmithxxx . Even if you don’t have a Twitter account you will be able to view my Twitter page as it is not a request only page and the content is public. The details for each offer, vouc

How much should I sell my used panties for?

I get many new sellers contacting me about how to sell used panties and for buyers price is a major factor. So as you can imagine the question of “how much should I sell used panties for?” (or buy them for) comes up very often. After selling for over 5 years and knowing how the used panty market works this does vary between sellers and how they set their priced. But I can very confidently say that £15-£20 is the expected “market price” of a pair worn 24 hours if going for an average. However there are factors which can increase this figure which I explain below. Extras and Longer Wear On top of the baseline price of £15-£20 many sellers add on extra for requests like longer wear, certain sta

Selling Used Panties on Instagram- New Account

Back in July I dedicated a full blog post about selling used panties on Instagram. This stated that one of the biggest downfall of selling on Instagram and having a pantyselling Instagram page is that your account can be deleted at any time, without much explanation if the moderators feel you are violating the site guidelines. Ensuring no nipples or close ups of genitals is pretty much essential and for over 5 months my page stayed within the guidelines However disaster struck at the start of November and my account when at over 2K followers was deleted without any explanation. And I didn’t even think I posted anything too risqué! I have however set up a new Instagram misssmithxlauren and I

My Favourite Custom Used Panty Orders

My site has a very large selection of used panties available for sale. However I know many of those with a panty fetish may be looking for a style or specific pair which is why I offer something called “custom panty orders”. It is possible for you to choose a pair of panties that you would like me to wear, I will then order, wear them, take some photos in them and then send them out to you to then enjoy. I have had quite a number of custom used panty orders this year but there have been . These pairs I really have not wanted to part with as they were so pretty and lovely to wear. 1. Yellow Bra and Blue & Yellow Polka Dot Brazilian Although they match this was not a matching set. They just h

Used Panty Research

Thanks to some very helpful panty lovers I sent out my Used Panty Survey last month to a number of existing and customers that have never bought from me before. This involved a few questions about used panties, how buyers search for them, my own website and generally helped me understand what a used panty buyer actually wants so that I can improve the services that I offer. Everyone involved was very positive however I got some invaluable feedback and ideas of what else I can offer. After conducting this research and reading over the results, some of the things I intend to change and improve over the next year are: 1. More Customisation on Orders If placing a panty order direct on my site, b

The taboo of buying used panties and selling them!

In a blog post earlier this year I covered why men (and some women) buy used panties. It really is A LOT more common and a lot less taboo than most people would assume; I just think generally most people don’t talk about it. I find that a lot of used panty buyers worry that they are being judged because they are doing something “weird”. Or I often hear lines like “I’m very normal I just like used panties” almost as an apology before buying. This is something I urge ALL buyers never to do, and buying and selling used panties is actually very normal to me. Used Panty Buyers There are so many reasons for a panty fetish and men buying used underwear, from getting their sexual fantasies fulfille

My Favourite Pairs of Brazilian Used Panties

I love that as a used panty seller I get to wear so many different styles and pairs of panties. Although, as I mentioned in a previous blog post this month, thongs are my favourite style to wear Brazilian Style Used Panties are a close second favourite. This style is also very popular with my panty lovers and I find this style is always one of the first to sell out on my site. My store has a massive selection of used panties, but I always find that the Brazilan Style section always have less pairs to choose from because they get bought as soon as I put pairs into this section The definition of these panties are “The Brazilian cut or style panty. This popular underwear name refers to how the

November Used Panty Special Offer

My panty survey and requests by email have shown that my two pairs for £32 is a clear favourite special offer with all of my panty lovers. So back by popular demand I will be running this special offer from Saturday 10th November until midnight on Thursday 22nd November. Use the code NOVEMBER32 This means I will be offering 2 pairs of used panties for £32 instead of my usual price of £40 for 2 pairs. This is an £8 saving meaning you are paying £16 per pair instead of my usual £20 per pair. You can add on extras to each pair too or extra days wear meaning this is a great way to reduce the price on longer wear orders. All of my panties are included in this deal (excluding premium range, altho

Paying for used panties with gift cards

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked is how do I pay you for used panties if I am outside of the UK? The simple answer is gift cards. However I am very strict that I only accept AMAZON.CO.UK vouchers and not vouchers for other amazon market places such as .com .fr at. etc vouchers are very easy to buy no matter where you are in the world, however there is one very common mistake that happens at least once a week when buying these therefore I thought I would dedicate a post to this to explain a little more. Why I can’t accept payment from other Amazon sites other than The way Amazon operates is that it has a dedicated marketplace site f

My favourite types of panties to wear

What I love about being a pantyseller is that I get to buy and wear so many different styles and pairs of panties. If I didn’t sell my used panties I probably would stick to one style of underwear and I certainly wouldn’t get to buy so many pairs or have such a huge collection. In my pre panty-selling days, going shopping meant I had to choose between pairs and I often found myself putting pairs back because I could not justify buying everything I liked. However because I now pretty much sell at least 6 pairs of the 7 I wear each week I really can’t buy enough pairs. At times I am sure the store assistants look at me like I’m crazy buying so many pairs at once. Either that or they know I’m s

Buying “really dirty” used panties

“I want really dirty used panties” is something I get asked quite regularly. Can I offer my buyers this? Absolutely! But to meet your expectations I need you to be specific over if its scent or stains that make them dirty so I can meet these. If dirty means strong smelling go for used panties in synthetic materials like nylon or sheer. If you want lots of stains you need to ensure you choose a style with a wide crotch. And always go for longer than 24 hours wear. Material I’ve written a number of blog posts on the benefits of cotton, nylon and satin used panties. However to conclude if you want the strongest of scents (and often quickly) nylon and synthetic materials are the best choice. Th

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