I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Buying and Selling Used Panties- marks and stains explained

Buyers of used panties like to see proof of wear. This is generally the case and the staining to the crotch area. This comes down to individual preference which I always respect. However something I always mention to buyers is that no pair of used panties will ever be the same. There are many reasons from plain biology, my routine on a particular day or just the difference in underwear material or style . However if you have strong preference for certain extras or staining (or the opposite and don’t want this evidence) it is crucial to make this known when you place an order. As a member of Pantytrust one of the benefits is the access to forums where other member sellers can share advice or

Anal- my real thoughts on the matter!

Anal! Many would say it’s a bit like marmite; you love it, or you hate it. I totally disagree with this. For me I like it, I may love it and then other times, it’s not for me. What really is important when it comes to trying anal for the first or hundredth time is just relaxing, not rushing into it and generally just going with the flow. What is not It does not hurt (if done properly) When you mention anal to people and they wince or say it hurts, you know they have had a bad experience. Because anal really should not hurt. Using a lot of lube, warming up (with either fingers, smaller toys) and then slowing easing in especially depth wise is the best way to achieve painless anal sex. Not get

Discount Used Panties for 1 -12 months

My special offer for October has come to an end today. But with my Used Panty Discount Subscription service you can get a regular delivery of used panties at a discounted price all year around. This means you do not have to wait for special offers and you also get first choice on many of the pairs of panties on my website or items that are added to my website. There are a variety of packages available that I offer as part of this service. For example you can sign up to a monthly package where you receive 2 or 3 pairs of used panties within one month. Or if you would prefer to sign up over a longer term then you can choose a subscription that is over 3-12 months. So how do the packages work?

Buying dirty tights, worn nylons and used stockings

With the onset of Autumn it means that I am wearing tights and stockings pretty much all of the time with my work dresses. I just can’t bear to go bare legged to work. This is great news for those that want to buy my used tights, worn nylons because the wait for these items is so much shorter due to me wearing these items anyway. The scent of tights during the winter months is naturally not quite as strong as the summer months. Because of the colder climate in the UK my feet just don’t sweat quite as much as they would over the warmer summer months. So a pair of tights or stockings worn 1 day during the winter would not be as aromatic as a pair worn 24 hours from the summer months. However w

Buying and paying for used panties discretely and anonymously

For many used panty buyers it is essential that they can pay for used panties anonymously. This is something that I offer for those wanting to buy my used underwear. Although it may seem daunting it is really very simple to buy and then pay for your used panty order without having to give your name or address. The transaction will also not appear on your bank account or be able to be identified as a payment for used panties. So I REALLY can I pay for used panties without it every appearing on my bank statement? You absolutely can!! Paying by cash deposit at a branch of Lloyds bank means the transaction will not show on your bank statement and you do not even need to use your own name to pay

£5 used panties still available – Used Panty Survey

Earlier in September I advertised that I was looking for helpers to complete my panty survey which would allow you to purchase used panties for the bargain price of £5. Because of my holiday and various other commitments my panty survey didn’t happen. Therefore I am opening this offer up again as I will now be completing this survey from 25th October onwards. If you would like to take part please read my original post below and get in touch with me via email to let me know you would like to take part. If you would like to be included please email me before 23rd October 2018. I will be offering my usually priced £20 used panties for the price of £5 for a number of lucky (and helpful) panty lo

Buying used panties- My order queue October 2018

I am pleased to announce my queue for used panties is at its shortest it has ever been for months. My current availability means that my diary has around a 4 day wait. It really has been a busy summer and with my recent holiday it did mean my queue time was around 10-14 days. However this is the case no longer and I have spaces in my diary meaning I can wear within the same week that you order. This time may change depending on orders that come in. Therefore I would advise that if you do want panties without much of a wait to place your order and pay for it as soon as possible. I am running a special offer this month for 2 pairs for £32 with my discount code. Like with all special offers thi

Used panties special offer- 2 pairs for £32

I’m back from my holiday, feeling relaxed happy and energised. My good mood has left me feeling generous and I am going to treat my subscribers this month. I will be offering 2 pairs of used panties for £32 instead of my usual price of £40 for 2 pairs. This is an £8 saving meaning you are paying £16 per pair instead of my usual £20 per pair. You can add on extras to each pair too or extra days wear meaning this is a great way to reduce the price on longer wear orders. All of my panties are included in this deal (excluding premium range, although you can receive and £8 discount off two pairs of these meaning you will pay £42 instead of £50) . This includes all of the sexy new pairs I have rec

How easy is it to sell used panties?

I’ve been selling my used panties over 5 years now and I like to think it’s part of my everyday routine. Like many I got into selling my worn underwear as I thought it was a quick and easy way to make more money. I soon realised that this was not the lucrative get rich scheme I thought it would be nor is it something that is very easy to do. It really does take time and effort to establish yourself as a pantyseller with a great reputation. I have focused on the financial side of pantyselling but I thought I would explain a little bit more about the effort that goes into selling worn underwear. Time You do have to invest time into selling your used panties. It is not simply a case of putting

What is squirt and how do you squirt?

According to various sources and quite surprisingly, every female physically can squirt. However “squirting” or female ejaculation is something that if you ask, only a handful of women will say they can regularly do it or be made to do it. In my late teens, I discovered I could often squirt but it was sporadic and not something I could do on demand. That was until I met partners who knew what they were doing and EXACTLY how to do it and also worked on my technique. I’m pleased to say I can now do it on demand. It’s not just an orgasm it happens when you stimulate your G-Spot I can orgasm but stimulating my clitoris alone; by rubbing, sex or by using my vibrator. An orgasm like this alone is

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