I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

How do you sell used panties discretely?

Discretion is key to selling used panties. Every element of my used panty service offers the highest level of discretion. To be a successful pantyseller, being discrete is something that has to underpin every element of the used panty experience. From the first contact to posting out the panties. Payment There is a specific blog post on discrete payment which is very in depth. My payment methods are incredibly discrete using either amazon uk gift cards, bank transfer or cash deposit. Using a cash deposit at a Lloyds bank is the most discrete way to pay as it means you simply withdraw cash from a machine and then make a deposit into my bank account. So there is no record on your bank statemen

How important is foreplay?

As a pantyseller and webcam model since 2013, sex, masturbation and generally most things fetish are part of my everyday life. I’m very open in my attitudes to sex but I tend to find within my social media, my online webcam persona, and often blogs I may project a different image when it comes to my attitude to sex. I am a lot more explicit and straight to the point. . However when I was asked by Simply Sxy to write about foreplay, I looked at this more from a very personal life perspective rather than a sex industry professional. “Sex is massively important to me, in or out of a relationship. Putting it very simply, I love having sex. My sex drive has always been incredibly high and every

September Summer Holiday

If you are reading this post as it is published I AM ON HOLIDAY. It is highly likely that I am reading my book around the pool or lying on a beach. I will be working on my tan and the key aim of my holiday is to relax and unwind after working hard in my personal and professional life all summer. My holiday will be from 18th September -29th September. DURING THIS TIME I WILL NOT BE RESPONDING TO EMAILS BUT YOU CAN MAKE AND PAY FOR USED PANTY ORDERS DIRECT THROUGH MY STORE. I’m currently not wearing orders of used panties over my holiday. But one lucky panty lover has taken advantage of my holiday panty offer. So I will be bagging up my worn underwear each day into sealed bags ready to post o

Worn trashed smelly shoes- so many pairs added

Summer is coming to an end, and the colder weather is closing in. I have had a review of my wardrobe and realised how many pairs of shoes I have trashed over the summer and there are some pairs that REALLY stink. I of course have added these to my site. In total I think I have added 10 new pairs of shoes; a mix of ballet pumps, high heels and even running trainers. The summer of 2018 has been A LOT warmer than usual. During June and July in particularly the weather was very hot and my feet in particularly got very smelly and scented. And as a result my shoes really did start to smell. Ballet pumps in particular get very scented as I call these my “go to shoes” in warmer weather. I tend to we

Selling used panties- How lucrative and easy is it?

It’s been a busy few months not only selling my used panties, but also featuring in a number of media articles. Since the start of August I have featured in 3, yes three different media articles regarding selling used panties and the sex industry. I have written pieces and quotes for Metro newspaper, Vice magazine and Simplyxy magazine. The focus of the Metro and the Vice articles was all about the challenges that come with selling used underwear online. Unlike many articles that have been published in the media in the past, both of these articles focused on the challenges of selling used panties. Both concluded that this is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not likely to be a highly luc


It really has been long overdue but in the next few weeks I am off on holiday for some R&R with my family. I’m off to Menorca for a chilled out 10 days of lounging around the pool and spending time with my family from 18th September. It has been a crazy summer of 2018 and by now I usually would have taken myself off on holiday so it will be great to wind down and take a break from everyday life, work and also pantyselling. As a pantyseller on holiday it seems really strange that I am not wearing an order. Because I have a queue for most of the year I am used to wearing panties for someone else and enjoy making sure that they are nice and wet. It seems like such a waste when I see my wet pan

£5 Used Panties- ask me more

I will be offering my usually priced £20 used panties for the price of £5 for a number of lucky (and helpful) panty lovers. You read correctly 24 hour worn panties with 4 photos of me wearing and delivery for only £5. There is a small catch to this amazing offer. In order to purchase panties from me for only £5 I will need you to complete a 15 minute (maximum) survey. This will just involve asking for a few questions about used panties, how you search for them, how you buy them and generally just to understand a little bit more about what a used panty buyer actually wants . There will also be some questions regarding my website and the service that I offer. This questionnaire will be total

First choice of used panties and exclusive discounts

New used panties and thongs are being added to my site in the next 7 days! And the first people to find out exactly when will be my site subscribers. My site subscribers will have 48 hours to browse my site and make purchases of the new items before I announce this on all of my social media and other pantyselling platforms. With my amazing special offers over the summer and you panty lovers going wild for my panties I have been running low of certain styles and materials (of course satin). I have over 50 new pairs of used panties and thongs to add to my site in the next 7 days, and I can gurantee that over 20 pairs of these will be new satin panties or thongs. If satin is not your thing I ha

Buying used panties- My current order queue September 2018

The summer heat, my very special used panty offers and a few features in various online magazines and publications have been driving you all wild for my used panties. I have received a large number of order in recent weeks which I am loving. This has meant a very full diary of orders which means if you place an order I do have a slightly longer queue time than in previous times. I typically am saying there is about a 10 day wait for my used panties (I usually advise 5-7 days). Therefore if you are wanting to receive panties ASAP please contact me regarding my queue time BEFORE you place an order. As stated in my terms and conditions I do not offer refunds for people who have placed an order

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