I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Exclusive discounts on used panties for site subscribers

If you are a regular used panty buyer, or Misssmithxxx fan, you can sign up to my site as a site subscriber and get exclusive emails about new offers, subscriber only discounts and be the first to hear when I add new items to my website. Signing up takes only 30 seconds and is completely FREE. You can join or remove yourself very easily from this list. I do not spam my site subscribers with constant messages and emails. In honesty, I probably only send out an email ever 6 -8 weeks to my subscribers. These emails are only used when I have restocked my site and I give my subscribers the first choice over new items (I usually wait 48 hours before I announce on social media or my blog that I ha

Selling Used Panties on Instagram

In previous posts I have explained that social media profiles are essential in being successful for selling used panties. Twitter has always been and will remain my personal favourite when it comes to selling used panties. However recently I have given Instagram another try after finding my profile deleted a few years ago for posting something a little too risque. Since rejoining, I have been able to make a few new buyers. But more interestingly I have found a whole new little used panties community and feel Instagram is a great way to showcase yourself and your photos on a social media platform which looks a lot more coordinated and user friendly than Twitter. Instagram is fast moving like

My Used Panties – Order Queue times

I mention in my FAQ page that I often have a queue or a wait for my used panties. As an established pantyseller of 5 years I have built up quite a demand for my used panties. This means it is very unlikely that if you order from me you I will be able to wear your order the next day (unless you order express panties). However I get asked frequently “How long will I have to wait to receive my order?” The answer to this really does vary. On average I say up to 7 days but this can be anything between 3- 10 days depending on the orders that I have. I might not receive an order for a few day and then I receive 3-4 orders in a matter of hours or a longer wear order, which then very quickly changes

Serve MissSmithxxx

My personality is dominant in all aspects of life and work I find my personality seems to take a role where others follow my orders or take my lead. Even with friends in social circles I seem to take the role of leader (which believe me is not always a positive when you have friends that do not like to make a decision). Put it nicely I just don’t like being told what to do I do the telling. Which is why I make an excellent mistress and enjoy taking on submissives to serve me. Starting out in the adult industry in 2013 I was very naïve and thought just my personality alone would carry me in a dominant role, or as an online mistress. I sadly was wrong. My experience as a mistress since 2013 ha

Can you make a lot of money selling your used panties?

I've received a number of emails recently from new pantysellers and those thinking of selling their used panties online. How much you can make is a very popular question. One of my most popular blog posts of 2017 covered this question about selling used panties in response to Woman makes £50,000 a year selling used panties In honesty I hate to agree with anything posted in the Daily Mail, however the article of Cash strapped student makes £100 a month selling used underwear Is without doubt a lot more closer to the reality of selling panties This is not just my experience. Visiting the Pantytrust page which my fellow sellers and I shared our collective experienced of selling used panties and

Used Panty Special offer – 2 days for £25

I have mentioned that you guys are going crazy for the scent of my used panties currently. I have had a lot of feedback that the summer is making my scent sweeter. So to give you guys a real treat with my summer scent I am going to be running a special offer on longer wear used panties. I will be offering 2 day worn used panties for £25 rather than £30. A saving of £5 per pair which I am sure you will agree is a generous discount to you longer wear lovers. This special offer will run for 1 week only. This will be from Wednesday 4th July to midnight on Wednesday 11th July. All orders must be made and PAID for before midnight on 11th July for this special offer price to apply. Orders with this

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