I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Summer used panties- An even sweeter scent

I have mentioned the S word in a few of my used panties themed blogs over the last few weeks, however this last week summer really has hit us. It has been a scorcher and a trend I have noticed in this last week is a massive rise in the amount of positive feedback from used panty buyers about the scent and appearance of my used panties. It would appear that summer makes my scent sweeter and my worn underwear wetter! As an established pantyseller with a large loyal customer base I do receive a lot of positive feedback. And I must be doing something right if you guys keep returning. However without exception this last week every pair of panties that I have sent out and worn the buyer has sent m

New used panties, I have restocked my site… again!

As an established, reliable pantyseller I have become accustomed to adding and restocking my website regularly with new pairs of used panties. However the time between my last restock and this latest one has go even shorter as you guys have gone crazy for my panties. In fact some of you have even put dates in my diary for 2019; that is just how keen you are for Misssmithxxx used panties! I’m flattered and I love buying new panties and going shopping for them. What can you expect? As always I have a massive choice of panties added to my site. Not only have I added a lot quantity wise I have ensured a massive amount of variety too. Lots of satin, lace, cotton and nylon. But a variety of colour

How to buy really smelly used panties

“Can I buy your dirty panties?” or “I want really smelly used panties” is a request I get asked for a lot as a pantyseller. With this sort of request for a stronger smelling used panty I always recommend to go for longer wear of at least 2 days or more. With my standard 24 hour worn panties you can certainly smell my sweet scent. However if I am going to set the expectation down to anyone who has never bought used panties before or wants a strong smell I’m going to be clear. YOU DO NOT GET THIS STRONG SMELL FROM ONLY 24 HOURS WORTH OF WEAR. I have discussed this in depth with my fellow pantysellers on Pantytrust and although all of our scents differ we all agree that really smelly panties do

Foot Fetish Videos- Why I enjoy them

Before I got into selling my used panties, I did not really have much experience of many fetishes, especially foot fetish. Naively I pretty much just thought it was about the scent of feet. However five years on, selling many foot fetish related items, taking part in many foot fetish role plays and producing over 100 foot fetish clips I realise it can be anything about feet. Selling my used socks and tights I have realised there are three types of foot fetish customers. The ones who like the actual smell and their fetish is about the scent. The ones who are more turned on by my actual feet and it’s the visual of feet that does it for them. The ones who are into both just as much. There are v

How to be successful selling used panties – Part 4- Being Reliable

My other blogs in the “being successful selling used panties” series have covered that selling use panties and being a pantyseller is not as easy as some articles make out. My other blogs have covered how to promote yourself and how to take photos but one of the greatest factors in your success selling your used panties is how reliable you are. To cut it short, you have to deliver what you say you will, when you say you will Trust is a major factor for buyers when they are buying from pantysellers. As a fetish online business, many buyers are very nervous about how discrete the service is but also about getting ripped off. Unfortunately there are many women (and men) who take advantage of th

Buying Used Panties.. the real Miss Smith and more about me- part 5

It has been a while since my last “getting to know me” blog have received a lot of positive feedback and hits, especially the X- rated one. So I thoughts I would give part 5 a go, although a less X rated one this time. 1) Laurel or Yanny? Ha ha this has driven me mad. I’m one of those annoying people who have heard both depending on when they have listened. On a morning I have heard Yanny and on an evening I can only hear Laurel. 2) What was your favourite subject when you were at school? You would expect I would say PE, but at school I hated it and avoided all exercise. I was actually a real nerd and I loved Geography! Although when I did my PGCE (teaching qualification) neither of these we

Stinky Socks , Tights and Foot Fetish…

The summer months have seen a massive rise in the number of enquiries and sales I am getting for foot fetish related items; especially stinky socks and tights. I love offering these items and the warmer weather is making my feet super smelly; just what you guys love. However like with panties I always advise to go for multiple days wear if smelly is your thing. My prices on my site include 24 hour wear, which I can wear to the gym meaning my feet do sweat. However the really smelly sour odour all you foot fetish lovers crave seem to crave comes after 2-3 days wear. Additional days wear is an extra +£10 per days wear but for those of you with a true fetish for smelly feet I would say this re

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