I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

How to be successful selling used panties – Part 3

From my previous blog posts it can very clearly be concluded that selling used panties online is not as easy as it first sounds. Especially when you are starting out. There are so many different aspects to consider one of those being promotion. There are specialist panty selling platforms you can set up on which I have mentioned in other blog posts but to get started social media is a great free way to set up promoting yourself, or indeed finding ladies to buy used panties from. Twitter I have a blog post dedicated to selling on Twitter, but ultimately in my experience Twitter is the best social media for selling used panties on. You will find a massive community of pantysellers, used panty

Buying used panties anonymously- not giving out your home address

"I don’t want to give out my address when buying used panties is something I have heard regularly from those with a panty fetish." Either potential used panty buyers are unable to get deliveries to their home address because of their living arrangement. Or some buyers are a little nervous about giving out their home address to strangers on the internet. Especially when buying something considered a bit of a taboo. However you can still receive used panties without having to give out your home address. How can I remain anonymous and buy used panties? 1) You can do so by getting your parcel delivered to a Collect Plus store rather than your home address. This option on my website is aptly name

Pee fetish, Golden Showers and making videos

Without doubt the most frequently purchased clips in my Clips4sale store are under the pee fetish category. In fact I can tell you that for every 10 videos sold at least 6 of them will be from that category or involve that content. This is why you will find so many videos in my collection involving pee. Depending on how vanilla your tastes are will probably influence your opinion on the pee fetish itself. I know for some it’s a massive no and can often be met with slight disgust. For others, maybe a lot more people than you may think it’s actually more of a turn on and something that they really enjoy. I actually found the article in the Mirror with the headline “The scientific reasons why p

Selling used panties on Pantytrust: How it has helped me sell more pairs

I always mention in my blog posts that a personal annoyance of mine is that if you search online there are many articles that lead you to believe selling used panties is extremely lucrative and “easy money”. On the back of this there are many sites which offer “membership” or a platforms to sell used panties on. Without a doubt my most positive review of all these platforms would be for Pantytrust. For any new or existing pantyseller my advice would be to join this site. Pantytrust describes itself as: “The top ranking fetish website on the internet where fetishists can buy & sell fetish items with no commission. We operate a member-owned advocacy and verification organization where we inde

Getting to know Pantyseller Misssmithxxx- X-rated! - Part 4

The previous three getting to know me blogs have been a massive hit. I have had so much positive feedback from my blog readers. After a little conversation with a few fans I have decided that part 4 of this blog is going to be a rude one! 1) What is your favourite sexual position? Pardon the pun but I always find this one a hard one!! But if pushed I would say on top, I love being in control and I can always cum in this position! 2) What is your favourite sex toy? As much as I love my Doxy wand and say it is a firm favourite, you cannot beat a classic rabbit vibrator. It can hit the spot in less than one minute and unlike the Doxy it does not require close proximity to the plug socket so it

A Special Offer on Used Panties by Misssmithxxx

It has been a while since I ran any special offers, especially a one which included a discount on multiple pairs of used panties. Therefore I am going to change that and I will be offering a 2 pairs for £35 special offer until 24th June. My usual price is £20 per pair of panties therefore for those of you who want to buy more than two pairs of my panties this is a great saving for you. Use code SUMMERPAIR This discount will apply to all of my full price range in my panty store. There are over 70 pairs of panties, thongs and Brazilian style knickers on the site currently therefore the choice is massive. I have even added another 15 pairs of knickers and thongs onto the site this week. This i

Why do people buy used panties and worn underwear?

There is such a taboo surrounding used underwear and dirty panties. And for those who don’t buy or sell used panties it can be a little weird. However after five years of being a panty seller I can confirm that A LOT more men that you probably think buy used panties and there are A LOT more women from all walks of life selling used panties. There are so many reasons for a panty fetish and men buying used underwear, from getting their sexual fantasies fulfilled, the scent, using the panties to masturbate with or even just the scent. But for women selling their used underwear it is not just a financial transaction to raise cash when money it is tight. You find students selling their underwear,

Buying Used Panties.. the real Miss Smith and more about me- part 3

My two previous “getting to know me” blog have received a lot of positive feedback and hits. I’m glad to hear that they are not boring you guys and you are enjoying finding out more about what makes me tick. So I am going to give part 3 a go with 10 more questions. 1. What's something you say you'll do, but never will? Stop drinking alcohol for a long period of time. I don’t actually drink alcohol that often or in massive quantities, however I keep telling myself that I am going to go sober for a long period of time. I gave up for 3 months a few years back and I felt absolutely fantastic. I keep saying I am going to do this again however I always think life is too short to deny yourself litt

Buying used panties : Discrete first class delivery

All of my used panty orders include UK first class delivery as standard and this is something that I will not change. However I am changing my standard method of posting from first class signed for to normal first class large letter. This now means if you do want your used panty order sent recorded delivery (signed for) that this is an additional £2. I have however found that 90% of my customers actually prefer that used panties are sent without the need to be signed for. Most of my customers actually receive their used panty order this way anyway so this is nothing new. My used panties are UK large letter size meaning they can be posted straight through a standard letterbox without the need

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