I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Happy Birthday Misssmithxxx

Today is my birthday and firstly I would just like to dedicate a blog post to say thank you to all of my panty lovers, used panty buyers or even those who follow me on Twitter and have wished me a happy birthday. I feel very grateful for all of the birthday wishes. A very special thank you to those that have bought me gifts from my amazon / delivery code wishlist or sent money via bank transfer to get myself a gift. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this and I am really looking forward to going shopping later in the week. Because I am such a lingerie addict I am sure I will treat myself to some new panties. It is in my pantyseller nature that I have to visit the underwear section of the

How to be successful selling your used panties online- Part 1

Selling used panties is a quick way of making lots of money fast. Or so it would seem if you do a quick google search and find the many articles stating this. I’ve seen articles claiming there are women selling their used underwear for £100 a pair or making £50,000 a year from used panties. As an experienced UK pantyseller of 5 years I can say these articles are massive exaggerations and from my experienced and simple maths makes me conclude the £50,000 figure is likely to be fictitious. Selling your used panties does generate income, a good one for some but it is not easy money as some articles lead you to believe. You really do need to put a great deal of effort in, especially initially to

Buying Used Panties.. the real Miss Smith and more about me- part 2

My decision to write a “getting to know me” blog was a good one. A new used panties buyer actually mentioned in an email it was great to find out a bit more about who they were buying from and three of my existing customers mentioned they had written it and found out some of the things I had written very interesting. As a result I thought I would give part of the “getting to know me” blog a go. So another 10 questions about me 1. What was the last book that you read? The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. This is a non fiction self improvement type book and I totally recommend it. I’m not normally into this type of book but a freidn recommended it and it is a very worthwhile read for becomin

How will SESTA/ FOSTA affect selling used panties and online

In honesty before reading on the answer is more than likely a very simple “I am not sure” therefore this is not a legal bit of advice, pretty much an explanation of why customers may find I am less visible online, the wording of how I promote myself may change and generally my take on what is happening from reading other peoples blogs. Basically everything will become very vague and non-specific for a lot of months I'm guessing. Many UK based individuals may not know but the change in the laws in the US however have massive implications for users world wide because most online organisations operate in the US or use sites hosted within the US. The likes of Google, Reddit and most other sites

Using Paypal to sell used panties and other payment methods

Plain and simply using Paypal to receive payment for used panties or custom videos is a massive no. To anyone starting out selling their used panties I would say this is one of best pieces of advice I can give you. DO NOT USE PAYPAL AS A METHOD OF PAYMENT. As my experience below highlights your account can be frozen, this can compromise your real life Paypal account and buyers can claim against you. There are other methods of payment you can however use when selling your used panties which do not carry this risk. For a number of months when I started out selling my used panties, I did actually manage to receive payments via Paypal. I was selling used panties and a few custom videos taking pa

£10 used panties posted out almost instantly

Do you want to buy used panties from an established pantyseller but don’t want to have to wait a long time for your order? I now have the solution. I am offering something called “Express Panties”. You can buy used panties from me and typically receive them within 4 days from ordering and only pay £10 for your order. Tell me more about “Express Panties”. What do I get for £10 Express panties are panties worn for 3 HOURS ONLY. This price includes 4 photos of me wearing and UK delivery is included in my price. Unlike my standard prices this does not include masturbated in or worked out in. The price to post outside of the UK is £15. Can I add extras? You can add some extras onto your express

Buying Used Panties.. the real Miss Smith and more about me

My used panty store and home page are the most popular pages on my website. However the “About Me” page on my website is the third most visited page on my website. In fact what surprised me is that it receives four times the hits than my FAQ page (which is also very popular). This information tied in with feedback I have from current customers is that when buying used panties from a pantyseller, buyers like to know about who they are buying from. A massive concern especially from buyers new to used panty buying or even those that have not purchased from me is if “I’m a real person?” . For many of my buyers having a connection or knowing about me and my personality is a massive part of the us

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