I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Buying Nylon Used Panties and Underwear- Smelly worn panties

A request I commonly get asked for as a pantyseller is “dirty smelly used panties” and by wearing nylon sheer / mesh panties I can always achieve this. The scent from a nylon pair of panties is SO much stronger than a cotton pair of used panties or thong even after 24 hours. Multiple days wear can give a very strong scented pair of panties. If you want “smelly panties” plain and simply choose a nylon pair. The designs of nylon panties are always a little but more special and “exotic” looking so not only do you get a scented pair of panties you will get a pretty pair too. Scent Unlike cotton underwear, nylon underwear is not breathable as it is a synthetic material. As a result the overall sc

Buying Lace Used Panties and Underwear- Why lace will make your heart race

Many of my used panty lovers have mentioned they stay away from lace used panties because the material can be a little rough if using to masturbate with. However because I am so fussy I will only wear silky soft lace meaning my lace panties are just as soft if not softer than my cotton pairs. The cotton crotch of all my lace panties soaks up every stain and scent. And as lace used panties are made from a synthetic material the overall scent of the panties is a little stronger and sharper than a cotton pair even after 24 hours. You can also get lace panties and thong in pretty much every colour and pattern imaginable therefore the choice of lace used panties available to you as a used panty

Selling used panties and Pussy Pops for Sale

I list pussy pops on my site for sale. In short pussy pops are lollipops that have been inserted into my pussy, and have absorbed my sweet pussy scent and then sent out to those that want to taste my pussy. Because I use lightly flavoured candy lollipops to prepare my pussy pops you get all of the taste and scent of my pussy and it is not over powered by the lollipop flavour. The lollipops that I use are also flat therefore they can be very discretely posted in a padded envelope and fit into a large letter style packaging. So what actually is a “pussy pop” This term was actually very new to me prior to selling my used panties. However for customers with a panty fetish, pantysellers will find

Why Twitter is the best social media platform for selling used panties

I’ve been selling my used panties for over five years now. And during my time as a pantyseller without a doubt Twitter is the best platform for selling used panties. Most importantly it is FREE! Twitter is so mainstream you will find a massive audience of buyers of used panties. The majority of used panty sellers have a Twitter account so you can engage in this community and benefit from your content being retweeted by promoter accounts. You also so not have to worry about your profile being removed unlike other social media sites which are very restrictive in their “rules”. Content is not restricted You do need to ensure that you mark your content as sensitive and aimed at an 18+ audience.

Buying Satin Used Panties and Underwear- Perfect for a Panty or Satin Fetish?

Satin used panties really are that little bit special. They are so so soft to wear meaning they feel great and I know when I wear them the crotch is always so much wetter than when wearing any other type of panties. Nearly all satin panties have a cotton crotch to absorb all of these stains and scent which transferred onto cotton it always gives a true natural female scent. I do however think as a buyer it is harder to sometimes find specifically what you are looking for design wise as satin ladies underwear is often in high demand. Scent The majority of satin panties as I mentioned above come with a cotton crotch and reinforced gusset. This is a double layer of material right under my puss

Buying Cotton Used Panties and Underwear- Perfect for a Panty Fetish

For those new to buying used panties I would always recommend a cotton pair of used panties to start with because there are so many benefits which satisfy a panty fetish. You get the most natural true to life female scent, cotton absorbs and shows up all stains and there is the biggest choice of colours and styles with cotton thongs and knickers. Scent Quite simply cotton used panties will give you the most natural and true to life female scent of all materials available for underwear. Therefore if I sniffed my cotton used panties they will smell most like my natural pussy scent compared with any other type of panty material. Cotton is breathable and therefore the scent is less sweaty or unn

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