I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Stocking up on Socks!

January is that time of year when the majority of people commit to getting fitter; although all of my regular followers will know that this is something that I have been working on for the last 18 months. I’m a self-proclaimed fitness addict and if you look back over my photos from the last 5 years you can certainly see the difference in how toned I have become. Being in the gym 4 days a week and running 3 days a week (don’t worry guys I double up some days so 2 days a week I rest!) means that I have a lot of sweaty gym clothes and in particular sweaty socks!! Especially after my 10 mile long run I am always particularly moist from head to toe! Because of my many workout sessions I probably

New panties and thongs added to my store

I promised in my last blog post that I would be adding new items to my panty store and this is one New Years Resolution that I have kept! I have added 10 new pairs of full knickers and 22 new thongs to my panty store this weekend. Some of which have been snapped up already so I must have chose some great pairs!! The new items added to my store are mainly cotton thongs and panties which is great news for you cotton fans; I know I have plenty of them from the amount you guys purchased last year. However those of you satin , lace and nylon lovers , do not fear! Next on my restock list is satin, lace and more speciality panties so the new stock update will really include something for everyone.

5 Years of Miss Smith's panties

On the 8th January it marked the start of many resolutions and new routines as it was the first full week back at work for many people. However for me 8th January marks another very special milestone. This is my pantyselling anniversary and I am completely shocked to find out this is a very special anniversary as it's 5 YEARS since I started selling my worn underwear. Firstly I absolutely can not believe the time has flown by so quickly. I genuinely have enjoyed the experience more and more as the time has gone on. When I started out as a broke student studying for a PGCE (which I was hating) pantyselling was more about making some cash albeit I did get off on the idea of men enjoying my und

Happy New Year!

My first blog post of 2018 is a belated happy new year message to all of my Misssmithxxx fans. Both old and new I am thrilled for you to be reading. 2017 was a very enjoyable year and from October I could not have expected the demand for my panties which I received. You guys went crazy for my panties and although my panty queue was at least a week from ordering I received so many happy customers and emails which makes doing this so worthwhile and such a thrill. Following on from 2017 I hope that 2018 brings the same excitement and pleasure for you all for my panties. And although you may have to wait a little longer for my panties than other pantysellers I can guarantee the overall product a

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