I'm Misssmithxxx , an established UK pantyseller. I have been selling my used panties since 2013. Follow my blog to find out more about what I get up to and the world of worn underwear.

Weekend retreats, and lazy days!

I think I have been and will always be one of those people that does not and can’t stay still or do nothing for too long. I find myself up at 5.30am/6am most days at the gym. My days pass by in a blur as I go from one activity to the next; gym, work, cam shows, pantyselling and then doing general admin. On a week day I get up at 5.30am, probably eat two meals on the go and my “rest” time is usually the 30 minutes wind down time before bed . I always say I am not well suited at doing nothing and I think to some extent this will always be the case However from experience and a situation close to me at work recently has shown this really is not a great way to live and 7 days per week it is imp

Panty Lover Packages

An idea I have had for a while now was to offer discount packages and longer subscriptions to regular buyers or those that want to purchase from me frequently over a period of time. So after an overwhelmingly positive response on my customer questionnaire regarding these packages I have decided to offer a service which means you can buy used panties at a discounted price by purchasing upfront. So how do the packages work? You can sign up to monthly packages where you select all the panties you would like to receive over the period of a month, agree the panties and the dates I sent , pay for your order and I send your panties out over the course of the month. Or you can sign up to subscriptio


I've restocked my used panty store with a massive range of new panties and thongs

Thank you for the feedback!

I love to hear about what you think of my used knickers and thongs. Not just the actual used panties but the total pantyseller experience

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