It all started in 2013 when I was studying for my PGCE (teacher training) whilst at university. A friend mentioned she used to work with someone who sold her worn underwear online to a number of men and just the thought of it really got me turned on and I thought "I could do that, my knickers are always dripping wet."

And almost five years later I'm still here selling only the best used panties to naughty boys (and girls). It gets me so excited knowing how much a buyer is going to enjoy my wet little knickers and sweet scent. 




I'm Lauren, a 26 year old established Pantytrust verified pantyseller and webcam model who has been selling my used underwear and performing on webcam for over FIVE years. My used panties are always wet and deliciously scented which drives my panty buyers wild.

I'm 26 and I can be best be described as "tight and toned" . I'm a UK size 6-8 and I visit the gym and run 5 times per week so my body is in VERY good shape. I have pert 32C boobs but it is my round but firm bum which attracts the most attention. I have long hair and big blue eyes and I'm told "a very pretty face with a naughty smile". 


I mentioned above I completed a PGCE (teacher training) however after uni I decided teaching wasn't for me and I work as a marketing and PR manager; so a sexy office girl. I wear my sexy panties , tights and footwear to the office but also to workout in. 


I'm a real lingerie lover and have so many different styles of panties but I do not just limit myself to panties and lingerie sets. I sell tights, stockings, shoes, socks, clothing and a lot of fetish items. 

​I'm a verified established member of Panty Trust so you can be assured of the quality of all orders; it's in my personality that I'm a perfectionist, and I'm part of the pantyselling community with A LOT of personal positive feedback. You can read the independent reviews here.

Please browse my site to find out more about everything that I offer. Not only do I sell my used panties but I offer webcam show, video clips, sexting, phone chats and online domination.